The first project meeting take place in Estonia / Lihula 1th - 4th December 2010.

The Piia´s photos from Estonia you can see here.
Video about meeting in Lihula you can see here.
English group memories from Estonia you can read from Whitecross School Newsletter Dec.2010
Spanish group memories from Estonia are here.
Overview about Slovenian group exhaustive preparing for Estonian visit you can see here.



14.10– Piia meet in Tallinn airport Patricia & co from UK  

         Pat have free time in Tallinn until 18.00 (your luggage stay in bus)

16.00 - Piia meet Klavdija in hotel G9 (we take luggage)

17.30 Antonio & co arrive in Tallinn airport (somebody from Estonian team meet you)

18.00 – we (Klavdija, Pat, Piia & co) meet in restoran in Old Town

        Dinner / restaurant "Kaera-Jaan" (Raekoja plats 17)

19.30 – depart from Tallinn to West-Estonia. Lihula is 110 km far.

21.15 we are in Lihula

        pupils meet host-familys

        bus for the teachers to hotel Oidremaa (8 km from Lihula)


8.30 -12.30 pupils attend in schoolwork (gymnasium)

9.00 teachers meet in our School of Music and Art

             visit our school

9.30 Polisc group arrive in Lihula

10.00 coffee break, preparation the projectwork

10.30 start the projectwork

         Piia – rules of procedure (agenda, generalplan)

         Mr.R.Erismaa - greetings from head of local government

         Patricia – project (line of flight) until this moment

         maybe all participants say few words about Comenius in own organisation..?

12.30 we must stop and go to lunch, we meet pupils in gymnasium

13.00 lunch

14.00 visit the school (gymnasium)

15.00 we are bac in music-school

         preparing to perfomance in hall (presentations, music ...)

16.00 perfomance in music-school hall

         Estonian presentation „Mardipäev“ and all participants (a´10 min)

         After presentation pupils go to hostfamilys.

18.45 – For teachers bus to hotel Oidremaa

     dinner in Oidremaa

      free microphone,  entertaiment


8.30 - 11.10 pupils attend in schoolwork (gymnasium)

9.00 teachers meet in our music-school

       projectwork (chair by Patricia)

       next collective and particular plans, activity, logo, meetings, .... (we must transcript)

10.30 cotee break

12.00 we meet pupils and all together  visiting  center of Matsalu National Park in Penijõe (3 km from Lihula)

13.30 lunch

14.30 visiting Lihula museum

16.00 projectwork in music-school

          webpage (why?, how?, possibilitys ...)

          summary of project meeting

18.00 musical break, certificate to participants

19.00 dinner

20.20 depart the bus for Polisch group


8.30  we leave from hotel Oidremaa, 8.45 we meet pupils in Lihula

10.30 we are in Tallinn airport (Pat depart from Tallinn 12.40)

Klavdija and Antonio have a free time in Tallinn.