The fourth meeting take place in Poland/Sosnowiec 16th-19th November 2011.
Piia´s photos from Poland you can see here.


Day 1- 16 November 2011
  1. Welcome of the guests by the students of Primary School no 27 in Sosnowiec.

  2. Participation of the guest – teachers and students in classes and workshops prepared by teachers from Primary School no 27 in Sosnowiec.

  • Mathemathical embroidery- maths workshops

  • Ballroom dance lesson- Polonaise- music workshops

  • Thunderstorm at night- music and art workshops

  1. Lunch break

  2. A trip to Auschwitz (only teachers, students spend time with a host family)

Day 2- 17 November 2011

  1. Participation of guest-teachers and students in workshops prepared by guests themselves as well as the teachers from Primary School no 27 in Sosnowiec.

  • Closer to nature- natural science workshops;

  • Theatrical performance commemorating The National Day of Independence in Poland;

  1. Lunch break.

  2. Participation in the concert Music is like a bridge that joins all of us.

Day 3- 18 November 2011

  1. A trip to Cracow.

  2. Attending the conference; summing up of the workings according to plan for years 2011/2012; product preparation.

  3. An official dinner in Primary School no 27 with the teachers and local people.

Day 4- 19 November 2011

Walking around center of Sosnowiec. (it depends on the date of your return)