The second project meeting take place in Slovenia / Mislinja 2th - 5th March 2011.

The Piia´s photos from Slovenia you can see here.
On Slovenian school webpage you can see just some of the photoes from meeting.

Spanish overview about meeting and perfomances in Slovenia here



  • TUESDAY, 1.3.2011

Spain (Graz at 16.15),

Estonia (Ljubljana at 23.25)

  • WEDNESDAY, 2.3.2011 (ARRIVAL)

    • Swimming at the spa, seeing the skiing resort…teachers and students…having lunch/pizza

England (Ljubljana at 15.05)

Poland (Mislinja…..?)

  • Students meet the hostfamilies

  • Dinner … project work session

  • THURSDAY, 3.3.2011

  • Tour around our School

  • Excursion…Postojna cave and the capital city Ljubljana (all together)

  • Students have dinner with the hostfamilies

  • Dinner…Learning the traditional Slovene folk dances

  • FRIDAY, 4.3.2011

  • Workshops (all together)

  • Students attend the lessons/

  • Teachersproject work session … ICT lesson

  • Students:lunch at school, free time with the hostfamilies

  • Teachers: greetings from the mayor, lunch and tour around our branch school Dolic

  • project work session


  • Dinner…summary of our meeting

  • SATURDAY, 5.3.2011 (DEPARTURE)

England (Ljubljana at 15.5O)

Poland (Mislinja…..?)

Estonia (Graz at 11.00)

  • Packing and saying goodbye