Preparatory visit take place in TURKEY (Karaman) and participate partners from   SPAIN, SLOVENIA, ENGLAND and ESTONIA.
Tuesday 8th Dec.
13.00 Participants to introduce themselves to the group and talk about their school.
16.00 Tour of Karaman
Wednesday 9th Dec.
9.30-10.30 Joining countries to discuss the ideas about the main themes of the project and to take into consideration the suggestions.
10.30-12.00 To continue working on the project to take out the main pattern of the project.
14.30-16.00  Overview of the application form and the application process. Decide upon title  and aims for the project.   
Thursday 10th Dec.
9.30-10.30 To share ideas and brainstorm upon some topics like “What is the importance of  music upon different cultures? What is the role of music to make the different cultures and  different people come together? What is the power of music from different language to create a  common feeling among people from different cultures? What makes music so powerful and so  global? How can music maintain bridge between cultures and make them closer to one  another? How can music provide European communities to know each other’s culture, way of  living, language structure and historical values?”
11.00-12.00  Application form-Discuss how we want to organize the activities for different  age groups and what topics we will cover for two years. Each group to focus on planning  activities for each year of the project.
14.30-16.00  Feedback to the group the ideas for the application form and continue working on t he application form.
Friday 11th Dec.
9.30-12.00  To discuss and plan the mobility of activities. To discuss upon the topics like when and  where will be the meetings, which topics will be mentioned, what can be done at the meetings until the end of the project.
14.00-16.00 Continue working on the application form
Sat.12th Dec. Finalise the application form. End of preparatory visit