The Music and Art School of Lihula is small non-formal school.
Different forms of studying enable people of different age groups to take part in the work of our school. At our music school students can learn playing several  music instruments (piano, guitar, violin, accordion) and get knowledge in solfeggio, rhytmics, music history, folk music and playing together. An inseparable part of our schoolwork is taking part in the music competitions and art exhibitions in our county, in the whole Estonia and on international level- they give us a lot of invaluable experience for creative work. In international collaboration we can share our experience, skills and nationalistic individuality.
Lihula School of Music and Art is situated in West-Estland, in Lihula. Lihula is far away from main culture centre of Estonia. In this little town with its 1800 inhabitants is not big economy, factory.
The landscapes in the area are unique and deserve to be protected. One third of Matsalu Nature Reserve is situated in Lihula parish. We find various inspiration sources and collaborate possibilitys  (Matsalu Nature Film Festivals, Nature-motifs exhibitions a.s) with this institutions.
Project coordinator in school is Mrs Piia Saak.
Webpage of school you can see here.