Our school is in a rural area. It stands on a small rising and that is why the lessons take place in well lit classrooms. We put a lot of effort into using new teaching methods. We also participate in different projects with other schools in the region, our country and abroad. In the project T.E.M.A, our students participate in various international camps in Slovenia, Austria, Hungary and Poland. Most of the students’ parents are workers and have been living here since they have been born. Their standard of living is good. The parents can find their jobs in some  factories in the local towns. The unemployment rate is not too high.  There are no refugee children in school and also no children of migrant families. We cooperate with the school for children with special needs, that is in the near town, so our student can learn about differentness.
Project coordinator in school is Mrs Klavdija Krizovnik.
Website of school you can see here.
The overview about project activities is here.